Hillview Redefines Cloud Security

Hillview Technologies is a web security startup that eliminates the risk of malware propagation in a world of proliferating devices that are connected at the cloud. This patented technology – to ensure safe browsing - was incubated at VMware, the virtualization giant, and spun off by the founding team as an independent company in 2013.

Security technology is evolving rapidly. Approaches based on signature identification and detection have seen huge limitations. They are based on known exploits and familiar vulnerabilities and predictably fail against newer threats like zero-day threats, dynamic persistent attacks and polymorphic approaches.

Isolation technologies at the end-point emerged as the next approach. But these (like virtualization, sandboxing, containerization, etc.) are resource intensive, onerous to implement at scale, negatively impact the end-user experience, and require changes to software and hardware.

Hillview’s patented technology allows safe web browsing by ensuring that no third-party, client-side code (like JavaScript, plugins, etc.) ever runs within a user’s browser. Users access the web by pointing their preferred browsers to a secure and patented Hillview server that connects to the Internet, intercepting and running all code. Malware has no place to run on your device.

Open your existing browser and access the cloud as before. Our technology does the rest. No downloads. No special browsers. No new hardware.

Since all malware is essentially malicious code that runs on end-user devices, prevention is the cure. Hillview technology prevents device compromise and subsequent network infection.

No code = No malware

Our Team

  • 20+ years in software development and management with extensive security experience. Built agile, energetic and talented teams and led them towards successful product releases in multiple companies, from startups to enterprises. Notably, in the last 5 years, led the VMware vShield Endpoint technology and solutions and evangelized and executed an ecosystem-empowering strategy leading to meaningful joint activities between VMware and the security ecosystem giants such as Symantec, McAfee, Trendmicro and others.

  • 17 years of enterprise software development experience, including 7 years with Citrix, 8 years with VMware. Areas of experience: Security (VMware ACE, Citrix Secure Gateway, Citrix Single Sign On Management) Server Performance and Scalability (View Composer) Web technology (AppBlast).

  • PhD in Computer Systems and Security, security guru and system architect for vShield Endpoint/Data Security, 10 years of experience designing computer security defense mechanisms.

  • Fifteen years of software development and management experience focusing on tools and automation.

  • 5 years of software engineering focusing on user interface frameworks, tools, and automation

  • 25+ years of software development specializing in high-performance multithreaded applications and object-oriented ksh administration frameworks.